Making a $100k movie in 15 shooting days is possible!

Making a spy thriller for $100k with just 15 shooting days is possible! Joshua Caldwell explains how over at No Film School

“If you passed us by while we were shooting, you probably wouldn’t even know we were making a movie.”

Chris Nolan: A Mysterious Method

In this film essay Michael Couvaras investigates Chris Nolan’s work and highlights several directorial techniques used in his films over the last 15 years


Writing music for films

Simon Cade talks about his process for making music for films




4 tips to making a great intro

If you’re a production company, a film or documentary maker you need a good intro to promote your business and open any film or documentary you’ve been involved in producing.



Simon Cade gives his 4 tips on how to make a striking intro


Tips on shooting in slow motion

The guys over at DSLR Guide have put together this great video on hints and tips on how to film in slow motion


This short and insightful video highlights several issues you need to consider when filming in slow motion.  Interestingly Simon Cade also talks about sound design for slow motion filming too