Royalty Free Music for your Videos

One of the first things you will discover when uploading your videos to YouTube / Vimeo / etc is that if you have used Copyright music, you won’t be able to monetise those videos.  

You will receive Copyright infringement notices, and in some cases your videos will be taken down by YouTube as you don’t have the rights to use the music in the video.

Fear not however as there are many sources of Royalty Free Music on the internet.  Sites such as AudioBlocks can be a great source of sound effects as well as music.  Personally, I use Artlist.IO for most/all of my backing tracks as their selections are fresh and regularly updated, and at $199/year the price is right too.

Even better, if you sign up using this referral link, you’ll get 2 months for free! (and I benefit too!) .. which is not to be sneezed at!

So go check out today and tell them we sent you! 🙂


Making a $100k movie in 15 shooting days is possible!

Making a spy thriller for $100k with just 15 shooting days is possible! Joshua Caldwell explains how over at No Film School

“If you passed us by while we were shooting, you probably wouldn’t even know we were making a movie.”

4 Tips for Success on Film Sets

Brenden Shipman provides some useful insight and tips on how to survive on a film set, especially if this is your first time there!

In his article you’ll learn when to express an opinion, how important the right attitude is to getting the job done and how important it is to listen and when to ask questions.

Following these tips is the first step to elevating your status on set. Remember that popularity can go a long way in this business and you never know who has a job waiting for you one day. With experience comes the confidence of a hardened motion picture technician, worry not you will get there!


Help is at hand to choose the right lens

Finding the right lens for your project just got a whole lot more interesting.

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought, “I want to shoot something like that! What lens did that photographer use?” Well, a new website called What the Lens is aiming to help you choose lenses based on images that you like. Created by photographer Willie C, What the Lens is a tool that allows you to scroll through their library of landscape, macro, wildlife, portrait, and travel photos, choose 20 of your favourites, and then uses its magic to pick a lens based on your preferences

Check out the full article at NoFilmSchool

6 tips for photographers who want to make films

Though photography and filmmaking are very similar crafts there are definitely inherent technical and artistic differences, and if you’re a photographer looking to get your cinematic feet wet, you might want to learn a few of them. In this video from Mango Street, videographers from White in Revery share some tips on how to make the transition from photographer to filmmaker a little more smooth, as well as what to look out for when capturing moving images. Check out the video and full article over at NoFilmSchool



Chris Nolan: A Mysterious Method

In this film essay Michael Couvaras investigates Chris Nolan’s work and highlights several directorial techniques used in his films over the last 15 years


Writing music for films

Simon Cade talks about his process for making music for films




Tips on shooting in slow motion

The guys over at DSLR Guide have put together this great video on hints and tips on how to film in slow motion


This short and insightful video highlights several issues you need to consider when filming in slow motion.  Interestingly Simon Cade also talks about sound design for slow motion filming too