Writing music for films

Simon Cade talks about his process for making music for films




How to fix sound in your films

Simon Cade talks about fixing sound in post production

From foot steps to a door closing in the background, Simon talks through all the ways of making the sound on your film better.

How to plan sound for your films

Simon Cade talks about planning the sound for your film before you start shooting and how this can make a big difference to the production quality of your work



One place to get sounds from for your movies is freesound.org .. please let us know of other sound libraries we should be using


Tips on shooting in slow motion

The guys over at DSLR Guide have put together this great video on hints and tips on how to film in slow motion


This short and insightful video highlights several issues you need to consider when filming in slow motion.  Interestingly Simon Cade also talks about sound design for slow motion filming too