Capturing Natural Light in Photographs

One thing that is important for Gorilla film makers and Travel Photographers alike and that is natural light.

In this series from SIlberPhoto, National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes talks about how he gets the best from natural light.


Awarded Travel Photographer of the Year 3 times over the last 20 years, Bob has a depth of knowledge some of us can only dream of.  


Sit back and enjoy as Bob talks about his travels, his work and how he captured these symbolic images 



Bob Holmes on Natural Light in Travel Photography



Using your camera stabilisation feature

Image Stabilization, or IS, is somewhat standard on most newer cameras and lenses and allows you to shoot at slower shutter speeds (usually two settings slower) than you would be able to without it. However, what are its limitations, when should it be used, and in what shooting situations? In this short video from Adorama, photographer David Bergman explains how the image stabilization feature works on your gear, as well as what you should know about turning it on to make your shots more steady.


This article over at NoFilmSchool goes into the detail and cover some of the gotchas that you should look out for!



Tips on shooting in slow motion

The guys over at DSLR Guide have put together this great video on hints and tips on how to film in slow motion


This short and insightful video highlights several issues you need to consider when filming in slow motion.  Interestingly Simon Cade also talks about sound design for slow motion filming too