Making a $100k movie in 15 shooting days is possible!

Making a spy thriller for $100k with just 15 shooting days is possible! Joshua Caldwell explains how over at No Film School

“If you passed us by while we were shooting, you probably wouldn’t even know we were making a movie.”

Getting your scifi script off to the right start

A trope is a figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression or a significant or recurrent theme; a motif.

Sci-Fi is a wonderful genre, full of story–telling possibilities as endless as the stars themselves. This is true from both a science and fiction standpoint. Far too often however science fiction films rely on the same tried and true methods to keep the audience entertained. This in not necessarily a bad thing, it makes science fiction more accessible to a wider audience. A few years ago science fiction was not as mainstream as it is today. After the success of Star Wars (1977) that all changed

Matt Loggie at raindance talks about the 7 tropes you should use to get your SciFi script off the ground

The complexities of sub text

Rarely do people actually say what they mean. A woman walks into the living room, says to her husband “I’m upset about what you said last night at dinner.” When does that happen? … Right. Now you’ve got a scene. The image of her pacing during the mundane conversation, biting her nails and playing with her hair will say a lot more than her words: this is about the character.

In this article published over at, Baptiste Charles-Aubert talks about the complexities of writing sub text and reviews Writing Subtext, by Dr. Linda Seger is published by Michael Wiese Productions.

 Well worth a quick read if you ask me!